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After several years of research and development, Eco Hybrid Solar introduces ecoMax° (the “system”): a highly integrated water heating solution. The ecoMax° features Hybrid Thermal technology and is the only system on the market to integrate waste heat recovery and solar thermal to produce FREE hot water for domestic and light commercial use.

Because it integrates 3 readily available free heat energy sources, the ecoMax° offers highest efficiency, dependability and cost effectiveness. The system retrofits AC and Refrigeration equipment so that it has higher efficiency and uses less electricity, thus further increasing benefits for businesses, home owners and pool owners and operators.

Hybrid Thermal Technology
Hybrid Thermal Technology

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Latest News

May 08 2012

Eco Hybrid Solar is now ready to accept orders for ecoMax°
Eco Hybrid Solar is now ready to accept orders for the ecoMax° retrofit kits, standard and custom versons.

January 24 2012

Rheem introduces a hybrid product, begins product integration
Rheem becomes the first US manufacturer to increase product function integration and to finally begin addressing big inefficiencies that still exist in the HVAC...

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